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Powerful. Insightful. Secure.

Collaborate securely with other organizations on sensitive or confidential data. We provide advanced solutions that bring you the latest in privacy and encryption technologies so that you can make better decisions.

The tool

Built to be simple and intuitive

Log in securely, build queries easily, retrieve insights immediately

Powerful technology

Built on state-of-the-art privacy and encryption technologies emerging from years of world-class research, our software solutions feature a highly efficient quantum-resistant combination of secure multiparty computation and homomorphic encryption, that we term multi-party homomorphic encryption (see Multiparty Homomorphic Encryption from Ring-Learning-With-Errors for details), powered by our award-winning Lattigo library.

Unique analytics with unique advantages

Our technology can securely compute advanced collective analytics and perform federated machine learning tasks (see SPINDLE and POSEIDON for details) with unique advantages.

Design, run, export, repeat

Build your analytics workflow, share it with your partners and collectively run analyses. Export the results and automate the process by connecting your existing tools to our API.


Tailored solutions for your secure data collaborations

Across verticals, from analytics to machine learning, from on-premise to cloud, we have a solution for you



Financial Services

From banks to insurances, our solution for financial services can be used to improve fraud detection, risk predictions and much more.


Healthcare & Pharma

From cohort exploration to personalized medicine to faster research for new virus outbreaks (e.g. COVID-19), our healthcare solution fits all your needs.



Our cybersecurity solution powers a paradigm shift in cyber threat intelligence by taking collaborations to the next level for improved cyber defense capabilities.


Supply Chain

Collaborate with your supply chain partners to decrease costs, improve efficiency and make better decisions based on collective insights.



As data plays an increasing role in the energy transition, our solution for utilities allows you to better collaborate to optimize network management.


Data-driven Organization

Our solutions can be easily customized to fit the needs of all data-driven organizations that want to collaborate on sensitive or confidential data to make better decisions.

Collective insights


Analytics & Aggregate Statistics

Create collective dashboards of your key performance indicators to draw a global picture in your field and make informed decisions.


Advanced Analytics

Unlock the power of advanced collective analytics with larger sample sizes for your statistical and probabilistic models.


Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

From regressions to neural networks, efficiently train models based on collective knowledge to make better forecasts and predictions.



With your peers

Our solutions allow you to work with your peers in the same industry or in other industries to extract valuable collective insights.


With your partners in your value chain

Take your relationship with your customers or suppliers to the next level through win-win sensitive or confidential data collaborations.


Across departments

Interconnect departments or subsidiaries across jurisdictions to enable otherwise impossible internal data collaborations.


Integration in your products

Our integrated solutions allow you to bring more value to your customers by facilitating secure collaborations on insightful data from within your own products.



On premise

Deploy the Tune Insight agent on premise, within the infrastructure where you currently keep your sensitive or confidential data.



Our hybrid solution accommodates flexible secure data collaborations where some organizations prefer on-premise deployments combined with cloud services.



Our cloud solution powers secure data collaboration between organizations that already trust cloud providers with their sensitive or confidential data.

Data types


Sensitive personal data

Our solutions streamline compliance with data protection frameworks such as GDPR, HIPAA and equivalent.


Regulated data

Enable audits of encrypted and secure workflows across organizations to comply with the strictest standards.


Strategic confidential data

Untap the potential of the most confidential data collaborations for more meaningful insights, while keeping your data under your full control.


Based on advanced research

A product built on world-class technology

Tune Insight solutions stem from years of peer-reviewed research

The following list of publications highlights the advanced research Tune Insight is born from. It comprises low-level system descriptions and an early evaluation of our patent-pending system using multiparty homomorphic encryption (MHE) for regressions and neural networks, fundamental articles about the underlying MHE framework and its security, novel cryptographic optimizations that break the zero-sum game between security and efficiency, a legal mapping of our technology to data protection regulatory frameworks such as GDPR, and example applications at scale in health scenarios.

Scalable Privacy-Preserving Distributed Learning

D. Froelicher, J.R. Troncoso-Pastoriza, A. Pyrgelis, S. Sav, J. Sa Sousa, J.-P. Bossuat, J.-P. Hubaux

PETS 2021