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Data collaborations and valorization, without compromise

The story

Born at the EPFL's Laboratory for Data Security

From world-class research to solving your business needs

A solution for many fields

Tune Insight is a startup born at the EPFL Laboratory for Data Security in Lausanne, Switzerland. Tune Insight co-founders invented Multiparty Homomorphic Encryption (MHE) which combines the best of Homomorphic Encryption (HE) and Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC). While MHE was developed to address a specific request from hospitals that wanted to collaborate on their most sensitive patient data, it quickly became obvious that many other industries, from financial services to cybersecurity, to any company making data-driven decisions, could benefit from this solution. Thus was born Tune Insight.

The team

All the skill you need

A team at the forefront of change


Co-founder & CEO

Juan Troncoso Pastoriza

15+ years of R&D experience in information security, applied cryptography and privacy protection; scientific coordinator of several European and national projects; more than 40 publications in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences; 5 granted international patents. PhD in Telecom.

Co-founder & Head of Software

Romain Bouyé

Software Engineer with 10 years of experience in full stack development including 5 years CTO of the London-based 3D printing platform MyMiniFactory.

Co-founder & COO

Frederic Pont

20+ years of experience in IT industry at the cross-road of business and technology innovation, including 9 years in Cisco corporate business development, strategy and M&A group; Silicon Valley startup experience; technology transfer and startup incubation expert.


Jean-Pierre Hubaux

20+ years of research/academic experience on security and privacy; head of the Laboratory for Data Security at EPFL; academic director of the Center for Digital Trust; ACM and IEEE fellow.

Mentors and Board Members

Wingman Ventures & Board Member

Pascal Mathis

We are hiring!

Join the team and help empower organizations with the most advanced technologies for secure data collaborations.

Head of Sales

We are looking for a head of business development & sales or sales representative, depending on seniority, to partner with founders to refine and manage our sales process. Previous experience in selling software in startups, ideally in healthcare of financial services, required.

UX/UI Developer

We are looking for an outstanding React & TypeScript UX/UI developer to lead the development of the user interface for our B2B software product. Prior experience in high-pace (ideally B2B) software startups with short implementation cycles is a must.

Security and Software Engineer

If you have strong skills in Cryptography, Software Engineering or Machine Learning and think that you would be a perfect fit to join the Tune Insight team.


We are looking for EPFL/ETHZ students willing to do a 6-month industry internship wih us, with a solid background and outstanding motivation in the following domains: cryptography, software development (UX/UI, Go, Python), data sciences, and machine learning.