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Valorize. Collaborate. Without compromise.

Our solutions enable you to automate collective intelligence extraction, reduce data liability, and streamline compliance, while re-enforcing data security and privacy. Get the insights you need to make better decisions. Valorize your data and models securely.


Tailored for your secure data collaborations and valorization needs

Across verticals, across organizations and departments, for regulated or confidential data, we have a solution for you



Healthcare & Pharma

From cohort exploration to personalized medicine to faster research for new virus outbreaks (e.g. COVID-19), our healthcare solution fits all your needs.


Financial Services

From banks to insurances, our solution for financial services can be used to improve fraud detection, anti-money laundering, risk predictions and much more.



Our cybersecurity solution powers a paradigm shift in cyber threat intelligence by taking collaborations to the next level for improved cyber defense capabilities.


Supply Chain

Collaborate with your supply chain partners to decrease costs, improve efficiency and make better decisions based on collective insights.



As data plays an increasing role in the energy transition, our solution for utilities allows you to better collaborate to optimize network management.


Data-driven Organization

Our solutions can be easily customized to fit the needs of all data-driven organizations that want to collaborate on sensitive or confidential data to make better decisions.

Collaboration & Valorization


With your peers

Our solutions allow you to work with your peers in the same industry or in other industries to extract valuable collective insights.


With your partners in your value chain

Take your relationship with your customers or suppliers to the next level through win-win sensitive or confidential data collaborations.


Across departments

Interconnect departments or subsidiaries across jurisdictions to enable otherwise impossible internal data collaborations.


Integration in your products

Our integrated solutions allow you to bring more value to your customers by facilitating secure collaborations on insightful data from within your own products.

Data types


Sensitive personal data

Our solutions streamline compliance with data protection frameworks such as GDPR, HIPAA and equivalent.


Regulated data

Enable audits of encrypted and secure workflows across organizations to comply with the strictest standards.


Strategic confidential data

Untap the potential of the most confidential data collaborations for more meaningful insights, while keeping your data under your full control.

Per Sector

Vertical-specific solutions

Discover a range of tailored solutions for your domain


Our healthcare solutions are used by various organizations, from care providers, to pharmaceutical companies, to payers, and beyond, to collaborate on regulated and confidential health data, paving the way to tomorrow’s data-driven medicine with collaborations that were not possible until today.


Tune Insight’s solution is a perfect fit for multi-site and cross-jurisdiction medical analyses where data security and privacy is paramount.

Prof. Olivier Michielin Head of the Precision Oncology Department at Geneva University Hospital (HUG), Switzerland

Privacy-preserving Record Linkage

Link records from different datasets in a privacy-preserving way prior to executing secure operations on the joint datasets.

Secure Federated Learning

We secure federated learning with privacy-preserving technologies to enable the training of machine learning algorithms across multiple isolated datasets, including images, across organizations and jurisdictions.

Personalized Reference Ranges

Access up-to-date reference ranges for your patients, based on collective data from multiple institutions, instead of outdated ranges from a less relevant and smaller population.

Cross-customer Benchmarking

With your software or machines, your customers want to know how they are doing compared to others, without sharing their data. Our solutions enable the extraction of privacy-preserving collective baselines that hide the contribution of each customer.

Precision Medicine

We faciliate access to more relevant data for feasibility studies, cohort exploration, survival analysis, hypothesis testing, descriptive statistics, omics analyses, and more, all in a single solution.

Value-based Healthcare (VBHC)

We bridge the trust gap between care providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies to enable the operations required for VBHC to run on complementary datasets from multiple health stakeholders.

Financial Services

Our software-based decentralized encrypted computing solution enables financial intermediaries, solution providers and other financial institutions to collaborate to better fight fraud, money laundering and financing of terrorism activities without transferring, exposing or revealing to others any of their raw data or their contribution to the collective results.


Privacy-enhancing enabled collective analytics arrangements can reduce false positives up to 80% compared with the siloed rule-based method

Bank for International Settlements Project Aurora Report

Fraud Detection

Collective risk computation across institutions with score propagation based on machine learning dramatically improves fraud detection compared with siloed ruled-based methods.

Anti-money Laundering (AML)

Collaborative analysis and learning solutions are more efficient in detecting money laundering networks, compared with siloed approaches in which financial institutions perform their analysis in isolation, with up to 80% reduction of false positives.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Privacy-preserving collective analytics and machine learning enables financial institutions and anti-financial crime solution providers to transform KYC by enabling the detection of anomalies while preserving privacy.

Collective Validation List

Privacy-preserving collective black lists enable institutions to check if an IBAN has been flagged by other institutions, without revealing the searched IBAN or the contribution of each participant to the result, thus preserving banking secrecy.


Our cyber-security solution is used by Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), public agencies in charge of security, as well as organizations' CISOs that want to collaborate with others to better defend together against cyber threats.


We are excited to strengthen our collaboration with Tune Insight to develop novel secure cyber threat data sharing solutions.

Vincent Lenders Head of Cyber-Defence Campus, armasuisse Science and Technology

Cipher Search for IOCs

Search a database of indicators of compromise without revealing your query, or provide this privacy-preserving service to your own customers if you maintain the database.

Collective MISP

Get collective insights from a network of MISPs without sharing your IoCs, bringing threat sharing capabilities to the next level. Participants can contribute their most valuable information to the collective results, without compromise.

Collective Alert Enrichment

As a managed security service provider, you can enhance the collective resilience of your customers by getting cross-matching and collective insights across customers, without pooling their sensitive information. Splunk and Elastic integrations available.