Orchestrating Collaborations on Sensitive Data

As organizations become more data driven, they realize that their own data is not sufficient to make sound decisions, but they are prevented from entering sensitive data collaborations with others due to fear of data leaks, or because of data-privacy concerns and regulations.

Tune Insight software orchestrates secure collaborations, when sensitive data is used, to extract collective insights, yet each organization remains in full control of its own data. Organizations can now collaborate to make better decisions, together.

Better together

Let's unlock the power of sensitive data collaborations

All data remains, all of the time, in your control. No one else has access to it. With advanced analytics applied over all participating organizations, we provide you with a new kind of insight.

Tune Insight is a startup incubating at EPFL Laboratory for Data Security. We are currently developing proofs-of-concept and deploying prototypes with early customers in healthcare, e.g. with Swiss university hospitals (MedCo), in cyber threat intelligence, in insurance risk analysis and in other domains where organizations can collaborate and create secure networks making use of their sensitive data.

Better Technology

Built on state-of-the-art privacy and encryption technologies, our systems feature a highly efficient combination of secure multiparty computation and quantum-resistant homomorphic encryption, that we term multi-party homomorphic encryption (see Multiparty Homomorphic Encryption from Ring-Learning-With-Errors, Lattigo for details).

Our technology can securely perform advanced analytics and machine learning tasks (see SPINDLE and POSEIDON for details) and it brings you the following advantages.



GDPR compliant, it is more secure and less reliant on trust than federated learning.



More scalable than traditional multi-party computation, it can efficiently manage networks with hundreds of data sets.



With more data comes more precision. As your network grows, we give you more precision without accessing any of your data.



Highly parallelizable, it performs better than fully homomorphic encryption.



More flexible than hardware-based confidential computing solutions, our solution can be deployed on your existing hardware and is tunable to your specific needs.

The Team

Tune Insight was created by a team of experts to solve your needs for collaborating using sensitive data.

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